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Initial telephone consultation

Prior to an assessment appointment you will have a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss difficulties and explore what support would be beneficial.


Assessment Appointment

Following the 15-minute phone consultation you will be invited for an assessment, which will last 60-90 minutes. In this appointment you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail what you would like support with. Dr Sukhi Virdee will ask you a series of questions to help her understand your story and difficulties. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


Treatment Sessions

Following the assessment appointment you will have a discussion around what treatment options would best meet your needs. At this point the details of therapy sessions will be arranged. Treatment sessions are 50 minutes. Dr Sukhi Virdee is able to offer therapy sessions weekly or fortnightly, they can be either over the telephone or Microsoft Teams. The length of treatment sessions will also be discussed and reviewed as therapy goes on, to ensure that they continue to provide value.

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