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Dr Sukhi Virdee is a Counselling Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Interpersonal therapist who is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). Dr Sukhi Virdee has 10 years of experience in private, charity and NHS services working within substance misuse, domestic violence, children and adult mental health services. Holding a post with the NHS since 2014, Dr Sukhi Virdee offers therapeutic support there to young people, adults and older adults.

Dr Sukhi Virdee offers therapeutic support within the following areas:

- Depression                                         

- Stress          

- Anxiety                                                 

- Eating disorders

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder        

- Substance use (drugs and alcohol)

- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder         

- Low-self esteem

- Social anxiety                                     

- Bereavement

- Health anxiety                                     

- Phobias

- Physical health problems                   

- Body dysmorphic disorder 

- Perfectionism                                     

- Childhood sexual abuse

- Sleep difficulties                                 

- Transitional issues

- Panic                                                     

- Relationship difficulties

- Chronic fatigue 

- Anger         

- Pain management                                     

Therapy sessions can currently be delivered via telephone and Microsoft Teams.


Students can also take advantage of Dr Sukhi Virdee’s expertise and experience; Dr Sukhi Virdee also offers therapy and clinical supervision for students on the Clinical and Counselling Psychology Doctorate programmes.

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